10 Best Film Schools in Europe

The European scene is said to be one of the greatest and their film schools have bred some of the greatest filmmakers in history, so today we are going to discuss some of the best film schools in Europe.

The history of the film goes back to 1890s when the motion cameras were invented. Since these cameras weren’t improved enough, but more like a patent, the movie makers were able to make only one-minute long movies, such as today’s commercials. Although these short films were a big hit since their early beginning, the next 30 years were all mute and black and white. Luckily for those without perfect eye-sight, in 1927 movie producers were able to record the first sound movie – The Jazz Singer.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Through the years, there were more upgrades in this matter, such as the improved longevity of movies, special effects, and, of course, the colors. Each day, movie directors and producers are finding new ways to improve scenes. The real boom in the past two decades were 3D movies. In my opinion, the idea isn’t very well worked out. For now, with those glasses, you are just experiencing some small, irrelevant parts of a movie such as throwing things at you or similar. When I went to see the first 3D movie, I expected a real experience, such as those virtual glasses, where you imagine that everything that happens is happening next to you. So, imagine my disappointment when I realized what 3D movie actually was.

Watching movies is a great fun for individuals, couples, and even whole families. But, like some people like to discuss different endings, there are people that already have the whole movies in their heads but no one to make them. That’s why they decide that their true calling is making movies. But that’s a good thing about having open-minded parents when it comes to college. While there are the ones claiming that there is no real money and a career in a film industry and make their children apply for some, in their opinion, more serious college. On the other hand, there are parents who let their children living their dreams. And stubborn people that will go where their heart leads them. They go to film schools.

You can always go to Hollywood and assist some famous experienced movie director and collect his knowledge. But, you can do even better: to apply to any of these 10 best film schools in Europe!

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