10 Best Luxury Candles in The World

If you like candles you will surely also like the list of the best luxury candles in the world. Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting article about it. Personally I extremely like candles. Not only for romantic occasions, but for everyday use. I light candles daily, as they have unique atmosphere when the little lights are dancing in the dark. Candles have such a warm, inviting vibe that make spaces feel fancy and comforting. When the lights are all out and you have a few candles burning, it’s a nice vibe and warm lighting. It’s like centuries ago when people would sit at their desks and write by candlelight. It’s even better when the candles smell nice and make your home feel glamorous. The most popular candles tend to be Bath and Body Works since their three-wick candles are often on sale and there’s such a wide variety of scents.

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Winter is the real period of candles, as there are millions of candles that are lit at Christmas. Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the best luxury candles in the world from their list.

The first one is Malin+Goetz. Their candles are paraben free and they source local ingredients. Their latest product, a sage candle, is composed of an earth-friendly blend of beeswax, vegetable, and soy waxes, which offer a cleaner burn. The second luxury candle on our list is Votivo. Votivo’s Classic Candle Collection and Holiday Collections are some great options for the home. Their bestseller is the honeysuckle candle that has a burn time of over 60 hours. At last, but not least we are recommending Illume that ensures environmentally friendly products and their candles use FDA-approved food-grade paraffin. The candles have a blend of all-natural coconut wax, beeswax, and essential oils. The candle vessels are made from recycled materials and are recyclable or reusable. The wicks don’t contain metal, and this is one of the reasons Illume takes the fifth place on this list of best luxury candles in the world.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 best luxury candles in the world.

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