10 Countries Accepting Indian Medical Degrees

The list of the countries accepting Indian medical degrees will help you to find those places where you can make a good use of your degree. Insider Monkey has come up with this useful list in order to lend you a hand.  If you are planning to move abroad, at first you will need to learn the language of the certain country as it can be a barrier to finding an appropriate job for you. In most countries you need to make some additional education or  tests to get your dream job.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three countries accepting Indian medical degrees from their list.

The first country is Germany. Germany leads the way in medical courses and work as well. You need to take international medical degrees recognition exam and get all the paperwork ready. It can be easier if you see your medical degree as an entry level for further studies. Anyhow, if you excelled during your studies, we’re pretty sure that it will be much, much easier to obtain a job anywhere in the world. The second country is Singapore which is definitely a plus if you consider working as a doctor somewhere else. Make sure to check if your college is on the list or you need to take additional steps to get your license in Singapore. At last, but not least we are mentioning Australia now. Besides the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia, the number 4 in our list of countries accepting Indian medical degrees, is a very popular choice for those with medical degrees. Since English is one of the official languages in India it makes sense that top choices will include English-speaking countries. So if you were wondering is Indian MD degree recognized in Australia, the answer is yes. Once again, individuals are required to pass qualifying exams in order to practice. To be more precise, almost all countries require certain proof of your knowledge before you are given the right to practice medicine. More information is available on Medical Board of Australia office website.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 countries accepting Indian medical degrees.

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