11 Best Countries Without Extradition To US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Which are the best countries without extradition to US, UK, Canada, and Australia? Extradition is a treaty between two countries which allows citizens or residents of country A charged or convicted of a crime in country B to be sent to country B to face a trial or justice. Extradition treaties can be bilateral or multilateral. The former agreement is between two countries, while the latter type is an agreement between three or more countries. An extradition treaty is, however, no guarantee that the extradition request would be guaranteed. Politics and international affairs have a role to play in these decisions as well as the legal implications.

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Most extradition treaties have a lot of clauses and conditions attached to it, and rich and powerful countries like US, UK, Canada, and Australia are able to insist on special features that poorer countries might not want to give. Under these circumstances, some countries choose not to have an extradition treaty at all, which would give the Anglo-Saxon countries an unfair advantage. Other reasons why countries would choose to not sign a treaty with the above-mentioned countries is a disagreement with the death penalty, especially in the US, or torture. People charged with political crimes are also usually not extradited.

Top on our list is China, which only has extradition treaties with Asian and European countries. China has signed about 40 extradition treaties, and might have signed one with Australia in the recent past, but for opposition from Australian lawmakers. Another one on the list is Qatar, which is considered the most developed country in the Arab world with the highest per capita income in the world. The country only has a few extradition treaties, most of them with its neighbors. Burkina Faso with its high level of poverty and political instability is among the poorest countries of the world. It has very few extradition treaties, including one with France, its former colonizer. But it hasn’t made a move to sign treaties with the Anglo-Saxon countries yet. Around 51 countries don’t have extradition treaties with the above-mentioned countries, most of them being located in the Middle East and Africa. To create the list of the best countries without extradition to US, UK, Canada, and Australia, we consulted GOV.UK, WFSA, and Sydney Criminal Lawyers. For Canada, multiple forums were consulted. The countries are ranked according to the Quality of Nationality Index.

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