11 Best, Most Elite Hardest Training Special Forces in the World

To pay our respect to all of them who are risking their lives so that we could live fearless lives, to the ones that made it possible for our children to play on streets without being always cautious about foreigners taking them away for labors, to the ones who are giving their best so that we could have the best, we are going to talk about 11 best, most elite hardest training special forces in the world.

Our ancestors lived in continuous wars. They never knew which day they would be free residents and which day they might become slaves. Each day, a new witness to some horrible crime against humanity appears on television to tell this story and more and more documentaries about victims of war appear on the Internet. None of them are tales. None of them are made up stories for more viewers. All those horrible things that someone is talking about that give you chills actually happened to someone. Someone innocent. Someone who just wanted to live his life. Someone who wanted to raise a family. To get a job. To retire some day. And there were also little ones. Little ones that didn’t even started school. The ones that had future. And for what?

Pixabay/Public Domain

Because some politician wanted to rule more countries? Because one person decided that Jewish people shouldn’t be alive? Because homosexuality had to stop? Because some nation decided that it was better than anyone else? Because they believed that they could and should conquer the rest? Because one politician had some personal issue with another? No matter the reason, the innocent people paid other people’s debts. For them, they are all just the numbers. They wanted to save no one but themselves. And armies were there to secure them as well as the whole nations. And while armies did it, the ones in higher positions took the money and the glory. And by what? By just existing.

But these armies and special forces should always be remembered. They should always exist. The new and the old ones. They should be admired. They should enjoy respect. Because, when the time comes, the time when again some individual decides that everything is his, that he is the ruler of everyone’s destiny, they will be the ones defending our lives. They will be the ones gambling with their own lives to provide our children the better future.

Without any further ado, I proudly represent to you 11 best, most elite hardest training special forces in the world.

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