11 Best Vocational Careers for the Future

These 11 best vocational careers for the future are perfect for ambitious people who are learning more through practice rather than spending years with their nose in college books.

There is no shame in not being college material. There are people who learn best during the practice and by doing the actual job. In my opinion, in some cases, this is the best way of learning.

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And, to be fair, no theory means anything without the practice! For example, imagine a person who spends 8 years on college and gets the degree as a classified surgeon, gets the job in his profession, and, when the time for the surgery comes, everyone realizes that he is clueless about the proper way of holding the scalpel, and not to even mention the rest.

On the other hand, we have professions that are paid very well but require none or just a minimum previous knowledge. For example, the computer support specialist. To be fair no matter how experienced you might be in communication with clients as a support person, each new company that you start working for has to provide some training before giving you your own personal computer to work on. Depending on the service, you will need to learn the basic answers to give to clients, the basic equipment and software you are working on, and the details on the company that you are allowed to provide.

There are, on the other hand, professions that require previous knowledge, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be proved with any certificate or a college degree. Your experience and knowledge are most likely to be enough to get the position. Most interesting and among best paid of them all is a web developer. Since we started living in a computer and online world, it is completely natural that the requirement for web developers is on the rise, which is why no one is looking for a certificated developer, just the one that can manage the requirements regarding the job.

Besides, even if you finished college and got that piece of paper, you should be aware of the fact that this doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Almost everyone is capable of sitting in a classroom, listening to professor (or just pretending to listen), go to the exam, either memorize lessons or have somewhere to copy paste from and get the degree. But once that piece of paper is in your hands, the new competition starts: who actually knows how to do this job? And even if you finished college and got a degree as a web developer, be prepared that some self-taught tech maniac that just came into office might be (and probably is) a lot better than you, even though he spent half as much time as you did on studying.

In case you dropped from college, or can’t find a job with your degree, grab your pens again, and write down lectures with the next headline: 11 best vocational careers for the future! Here is where your career starts!

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