11 Companies with the Best Customer Service in America

Which are the Companies with the Best Customer Service in America? If the companies give excellent service, then the customers will come to them again and again. Some of these services do not care about the services they provide. These days each industry is facing competition, and in the fast food sector, the quality of food and service area has to be perfect to retain their customers. Other service sectors like health care and airlines are not bothered about the service as the competition is less. We had come to the conclusion, to ask the customers directly and make a report of the best companies.

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We had contacted Zogby Analytics, which analyses the best and the worst customer service in America. And we have the report from the Timken Group, which had been collecting the data from 2012, and had made an assessment of 200 companies, which are on their list. Timken Group gives an appraisal on Banks, Hotels, Food Chains and retailers, while the Zogby Analytics evaluates Tech Companies, Retailers, Food chain, Hotels, and Carriers. Both these companies are not assessing Airlines and Healthcare services. We had taken out the average of both the ratings and have compiled the list of companies with the Best Service. In the survey, we had taken the top 20 on each company’s survey and had then calculated the average. Thus we had arrived at the Best Consumer Services in America.

Amazon.com, USAA, and Marriott International Inc. are some of the Companies with the Best Customer Service in America. The Zogby Analytics Survey rates Amazon as the top company providing the most exceptional customer care service. Amazon.com Inc is ranked as the best customer service by Zogby Analytics as 62% of the customers had assessed it as excellent. Amazon is also rated as the 12th best customer service provider by the Timken Group. The Timken Customer Service’s evaluation for USAA is first. The Zogby Analytical Survey rating is N/A. The average rating is 50%. The average ranking of the Timken Customer Service for Marriott International Inc. is 42.5.Marriott International Inc. is the top in the hotel industry and is known for its high- quality customer service and it was praised for the knowledgeable staff it employs. Check out the other companies on this list to know which other companies have the Best Customer Service in America.

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