11 Easiest Cities to Start a Business in America

So what are the easiest cities to start a business in America? Do you have the idea of starting a new business? Would you like to find the best city for your startup? Insider Monkey has given the answer where to start a new company in the world.

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It is exhilarating to work for a new business. It is very exciting as well because you de something new that hasn’t been created. You can always find a market that has been left untouched. The opportunities are unlimited in these days and their number is continually growing. For instance car services are excellent examples because while large numbers of cities have cabs, apps like Uber, Gett, Lyft have revolutionized the way we can call a car if we want to go somewhere. Many people use these apps when they do overwork, it’s late at night and the trains don’t run very often, so it would be difficult to get home.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three  of the easiest cities to start a business in America.

The first city is Los Angeles, California. There are between 3,700 and 4,600 start-ups in Los Angeles, according to Startup Genome report, which ranks the city as the ninth best place in the world for start-ups. The city also ranks better than previously mentioned Miami on WalletHub’s list where it occupies the 33rd place. It would rank much higher if WH did not take into account costs of business (labor force costs, office space costs, costs of living, corporate taxes) which are among the highest in America. Still it is worth noting that companies do not pay taxes during first two years of existence in LA.  The next city should be Boston, Michigan. According to Startup Genome report, Boston has fifth best startup ecosystem in the world. Tech start-ups account for the greatest share of new businesses opened in Boston. Startup scene in Boston relies on highly educated young people coming from Harvard and MIT. At last, but not least let’s check San Diego, California. San Diego was named the best city to launch a business by Forbes which took into account five criteria including the percentage of small startups in high growing industries, the percentage of businesses with a Facebook page, websites and online reviews… The city ranks as fourth on Kauffman’s list which is better for seven spots compared to the previous year.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 easiest cities to start a business in America

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