11 Most Aggressive Sharks in the World

Sharks are fascinating, but at the same time, very dangerous creatures, and these are 11 most aggressive sharks in the world.

With over 400 shark species in the sear, it is no wonder why people are unaware of which ones should they be scared. The right answer is that a person should be afraid of all of them. As soon as they see one, they should immediately go back to the shore and not to mess with them.


Pixabay/Public Domain

But while we are so afraid of sharks, we should also be aware that sharks are also endangered species because of the human race. Although in some parts of the world haunting sharks are illegal, there are people who really don’t care that much about the law, go behind everyone’s backs and kill those creatures. According to the research done by Insider Monkey, 2.4% of all shark species are marked as critically endangered, 3.2% as endangered, 10.3% as vulnerable, and 14.4% as near threatened. This means that out of all shark species in the world 33.3% of them are somehow threatened to extinguish someday. And do you think that these hunters are tracking down each species they caught? Or they have some expert on their ship or shark databases on their tablets while they haunt so that they can pick the right shark to catch? Of course not. So, while sharks are threatening to the human population that goes into the sea, humans are threatening to them as well. The crucial difference is that sharks don’t come to the shore, the natural environment of people to kill them. They are only defending their own territory, the one that humans came to.

But, as the only race in the world that, according to scientists, have the ability to talk and think, we imagined that the whole world is ours. Of course, birds, dogs, cats, mice, sharks, fish, monkeys, lions, bears, etc, they all exist only to serve us. We are the ones that will set their environment for life, who will limit their space, who will catch them and use them as exhibit, to kill them if they look like a danger, kill them to use their fur, kill them to eat them, but we get mad if some of those species kill one of ours and, therefore, we agree that we are the ones entitle to trial them and their whole race.

I went too far, that wasn’t the topic, but I know I am right. But now, I am giving you the list of 11 most aggressive sharks in the world.

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