11 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World

Who dictates the all the trends? No one else but 11 most popular fashion magazines in the world! This might come as a surprise for people who really don’t follow fashion blogs, don’t read fashion magazines, nor watch fashion shows on TV or in reality, but the fashion industry is dictating our lives in every sense. From clothes to home decor, we are completely under its influence.

As always, people found a way to make even more money out of it and that’s by launching fashion magazines where people from all classes can get all the rules they need to apply to their lives, all black on white.


Pixabay/Public Domain

You might say that you are not the slave of fashion but take a look at your wardrobe. How many items can you find that are not like some of those in fashion magazines? The only thing that you might not be addicted to is following a certain brand. And that’s completely fine. I am not either and many people in the world aren’t as well. So who cares if a T-Shirt you bought costs $12 and the similar one with some famous brand label costs $142? I don’t and neither should you. But you have your style and, in many cases, it is linked to the fashion trends posted in this season.

Fashion magazines are something like rulebooks. Fashion mags are making lists of everything that is and should be happening to you. Although after a while their rules change a bit, it doesn’t mean that the sale isn’t growing. Fashion magazines, published by fashion mags and experts, are there to help you out in looking and feeling your best. They tell you how to dress up, how to do your hair, nails, how to put on makeup for each head shape, which counture and the style goes with your body shape, what you should eat to look and be healthier, what you should eat for better hair and nails, what to eat to lose weight, how to find a soulmate followed by relationship advice and rules, and, of course, followed by tips how to raise your children.

Although not everyone is gone crazy as soon as the new circulation is in stores, we all like to pick in for once in a while. Since the times are changing, these rules are changing as well and fashion magazines are there to update you on every new trend there is. So now, let’s take a look at 11 most popular fashion magazines in the world.

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