13 Best Nature Documentaries on YouTube

These 13 best nature documentaries on YouTube are must-see for both nature freaks and the ones that are only interested in seeing the nice landscapes.

These nice landscapes are slowly vanishing because of the people. We all love spending a day out in nature, having family picnics, enjoying the clean air, but we are also the ones destroying it.


Pixabay/Public Domain

The pollution doesn’t happen by accident. We are the ones causing them. With all the smoke, oil and fuel, and junk thrown everywhere around. Even better, we believe that, after all of that, we are entitled of complaining of dirty water that only a crazy person would dare to drink and we have to buy bottled water every single day and that even breathing makes us sick.

And all of that is our fault. The other thing that we also don’t pay attention to is that all of that environment that we destroy each day is someone’s home. Those rivers and lakes where we throw trash and oil and fuel are homes of water creatures. Now, with all of that junk, those crabs, fish, and other creatures are slowly dying. When we cut woods to make more rooms for factories, malls, and buildings, we destroy houses of beers, wolves, foxes, little bunny rabbits, and others. When will we stop? After there are only natural parks left for people to watch animals like exhibition? And everything else around is made out of concrete? When there are no forests to make air? When we all wear gas masks because everything is gray and poisonous? Is this really something that we want to leave our children to inherit? Are we really that selfish?

When will we realize what is done? When the only place they will be watching that clean nature and all the living creatures will be the Internet? The Google pictures and the documentaries recorded while they were all alive? Each living creature is beautiful in its way. They are all magnificent, just like people are. All of them have their capabilities that make them different than the other species and it makes them so special. It makes them wonderful. And each landscape, each forest, even each swamp has its own sparkle. Let’s start destroying them. Let’s enjoy their beauty.
Let’s see 13 best nature documentaries on YouTube and learn something new.

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