16 Best Paying Medical Specialties in America

If you are looking forward to the career in medicine, you might want to check out what the 16 best paying medical specialties in America are.

No matter which career path we would choose based on our passion and interests, we have to admit that financials play the great role in our decision.

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When it comes to medicine, the majority of people that work far from that area are convinced that even the nurses have the salary high enough to buy a car within a month. As much as the medical workers would love this to be true, the reality is a bit different. While they have to spend between 3 and 14 years, depending on the specielaty, on college, internships, and residency programs before they are off to their own office, some medical workers are faced with 12-hours-long shifts after which some of them are made to go to their part-time job. And you ask why their service isn’t always that pleasant.

The truth is, doctors of all specialties are the big and important part of health system. The only difference is that some of the positions have more requirements, which is why they seem to be more revarding, at least when it comes to the incomes.

But although as the medical worker you will be saving someone’s life, it doesn’t mean that your specialty is the best paying medical specialty in America and, even worse, out of 10 professions that get sued the most in the world, even 5 of them are medical related. Not that surprising, all of them are also on this list of 16 best paying medical specialties in America.

Of course, as you might already assume, plastic surgeons are one of those five specialties. At the beginning, plastic surgery used for improving the real medical deformaties such as burns, cuts etc, but the modern world decided to chance this medical specialty into something new, even worse than permanent makeup. Nowadays, the plastic surgeries are mostly used because of people’s dissatisfaction with their physical appearance so no, they are having the mouth, bottom, breasts, cheekbones, and other kinds of surgeries that are supposed to improve their looks. This is why the average annual salary for plastic surgeons in America is $354,000. As always, there is a catch: because of the worse outcomes than expected, which isn’t always the surgeon’s fault, these medical workers are among the ones that get sued the most.
I have to admit, sometimes really isn’t their fault. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. The only difference is that some small mistakes can cause nothing or the short time of improvements and repair, but sometimes they can cause the bankruptcy and death. The thing that I don’t get is: if you already thought you were ugly, why you are suing someone because you are still ugly? I get the money part, but the outcome doesn’t only depend on the scalpel and expert’s hands. It is influenced by your organism and tissue as well. Think about it.

So which medical specialty also brings big bucks? Check out this list of 16 best paying medical specialties in America and find out.

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