16 Types of Healthcare Jobs in the Medical Field That Pay Well

If you are looking forward to a career in medicine, there are 16 types of healthcare jobs in the medical field that pay well to think about.

Although people working in a healthcare are considered to be among the best-paid professionals in the world, the truth is that it isn’t always a case. Ok, in case you are willing to spend 6+ years on studying, plus residency and who knows what else to become a surgeon, you can expect enviably income. But, what if you are sick of studying anymore, but still want to get your hands on medicine, but avoid being personally responsible for another person’s life? In that case, there are other types of healthcare jobs in a medical field that pay well to consider as well. Of course, each of these positions requires certain education.


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Luckily for people who are not that into spending a decade of their lives on studying but want to spend their working hours in OR (but not as a cleaning lady, but working with patient), there is a position in a hospitals as surgical technologist, that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is paid $44,330 on annual basis. Although you will never be in charge in the OR, you will still have both great responsibility and pleasure of saving someone’s life. First of all, your job will be transporting a patient to the OR, but, after you drop him off, you will be assisting the surgeon during the procedure and, after he is finished, you will be in charge of his post-op care. Basically, like a surgeon, without having a lead role in the OR. Besides, who wants that? You need to have steady hands all the times and people’s lives will be depending on you each day. Each mistake you make could cost someone’s life, and you don’t want that. Besides, you don’t really want to have your nose in books again, right?

But, if you want even more money and more responsibilities, let’s move to the number one healthcare job in a medical field that pays well and that’s physician assistant. First of all, as a physician assistant, you will be having a salary of around $98,180 per a year. And what would you do for that amount of money? You will work with a physician during the examinations, drug prescriptions, and performing diagnoses, and, after you are done with it, you will go to monitoring and bossing nurses. Sounds fun?

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