30 Countries with the Highest Sucide Rates in the World

At the first sight, these countries don’t have anything in common. But if you look closer, you will realize that there is a link between them: those are 30 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world.

Each now and then all of us think about giving up. But after we overthink it, we realize that, although it might not sound like it at first, our lives have purposes. Besides, suicide is a really selfish act. While the person who kills himself is relieved and don’t have any problems anymore, their families and friends are left devastating.


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The lost of a loved one is always hard, losing someone overnight by their own hands is even harder. Their families and friend, besides burring someone that they believed with life for a couple of more years at least, are left wondering why and whether they could prevent it.

Suicide is common with people of all age and gender. Although it is more frequent in males, the number of attempts is similar. The only reason why there is a higher number of males succeeding in committing suicide is that they choose a lot harder and more powerful weapons such as guns, jumping off the roofs etc, while women usually choose cleaner assets such as pills.

The number of teens attempting suicide is devastating. Since most of the teens are going through rough paths in school such as physical and cyberbullying, pressure from their families and peers, as well as the pressure coming from some teacher, it is not unusual for teenagers, especially the ones that are a bit more different than the others, to crack under the pressure and decide to give up. Unfortunately, the symptoms of teen depression and the changes in children’s behavior as soon as they cross into teenage years are similar, which is why it is so hard to even for psychologists to see the difference. And the whole pressure coming from school and peers, as well as families, affects each person differently. While there are teens that decide to isolate themselves and work on improving themselves, which really don’t make them more social, but help them move faster and become more productive and adaptive in the future, there are the ones that, although seem like isolating themselves and going forward some personal upgrade, they are actually starting to have black thoughts and start thinking about the worst. There are many organizations trying to prevent suicide among teens and help them move through this hard period, but the results are still not that impressive since kids are embarrassed about admitting they are being bullied. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved eventually.

But teens are not the only ones that think and act in this matter. Adults are having the same issues, but their suicide is leaving worse consequences. Sometimes, they are even leaving their families in great debts that aren’t paid off for generations. While some countries managed to reduce this issue with decreasing taxes or releasing laws against it, there are countries that are still struggling with it. And these are 30 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world.

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