6 Atheist Scientists Who Now Believe in God

If you thought that scientists believe only in what can be proved, take a look at 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God.

As kids, we were taught that there was only one God and we should all bow to him. Over the years, we learn that there are more religions besides the one we were taught about and that each of them have their own version of God. At the end, we find out that there are people who claim that God is only a fiction. So, we are left with the question: who and what should we trust?


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Some people believe that all these religions are turned to the same God, but they call him differently and have different traditions and stories regarding Him. Some people claim that God is not a man, but a woman, while there are people claiming that God doesn’t have gender.

On the other hand, there are people claiming that God doesn’t really exist. It is the only images of people who needed something to believe in when the times were tough for them. They needed the excuse why bad things happen to them and, as it turned out according to every priest and holy book, that God is only trying their faith. In case this is true, is it fair?

But, for now, no one managed to prove whether God exists or not. Scientists are a special group of people in this matter. They usually only believe in something that can be proven either with formulas or be seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted. As you saw at the beginning, I told you that this article is about 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God. So, what happens to someone to disclaim everything he/she believed in and talked before? Is it some near-death experience? Or someone they loved almost died and suddenly got better? Or were they enlightened? Or they actually believed that God exists the whole time, but wanted to fool us? or they decided that God’s existence is the only possible explanation for some things? Too complicated, don’t you think? Well, if it is complicated for you to understand, imagine how they felt when they realized that everything they believed in wasn’t right and that something that they tried to prove didn’t exist is something they are turned to now? And how hard it was for them to say it to the public?

Let’s read more about this topic on 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God.

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