6 Examples of Whistleblowing in Nursing and Healthcare

Are you ready for six examples of whistleblowing in nursing and healthcare? When it comes to whistleblowing in nursing and healthcare, the consequences might not be as severe, but they shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand?

The field of work of a nurse is vast, from learning children to hand washing, to adult health care, to managing a highly sophisticated medical technology that can preserve and protect human life. The nurse must be an emotionally mature and stable person so that she can understand and deal with Human suffering, emergencies, health problems and ethical concerns. There needs to be staff to understand the patient’s feelings and behaviors in a particular situation. It must be careful, ready to accept responsibility, work independently as well as teamwork in cooperation with other health professions. The nurse must be professional and work with a lot of love to help people better and help their healing. One of the frequent occurrences in health-related matters is a high level of risk for the patient’s health. Everyday work, accumulation of duties and obligations, in front of nurses, puts increasing demands on all the more difficult tasks, with an increasingly complex environment. Starting from working conditions that depend on the type of work, the place of employment, and the situation in the health institutions themselves. Sisters work in a day and night shifts, weekends and holidays. The number of sisters in shifts is less than necessary, which implies a lack of time for planned care of patients, keeping sister documentation, talking with a patient. This is a global problem today. Such a nature of modern work becomes increasingly foreign to the individual and leads to various negative consequences, such as exposure to stress and alienation. New technologies that are rapidly developing today put in front of nurses more and more demands for understanding, controlling and using the same technology for which the strong will and motivation of nurses are needed. Peter Buxtun is the oldest whistleblower in healthcare on our list. In 1966, Buxtun worked for the United States Public Health Service.Wendell Potter’s testimony in front of the U.S. Senate caused a huge stir in the eve of passing Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare. His exposure of health insurance companies’ practices in poor and rural regions of the United States painted a grim picture similar to those we often find in third world countries.

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