Top 10 Most Suicidal Countries in the World

What all the top 10 most suicidal countries in the world have in common? If we knew the answer, we might even find the solution to this global problem.

According to the WHO, every 40 second one person commits a suicide somewhere in the world. This means that there are at least 2,160 every day, which is around 800,000 suicides per a year, which is 800 suicidal deaths per 1,000 persons in the population. According to CIA, there are 4,277 children born per 1,000 people in the population. If you would look at these numbers, you would say that suicide isn’t that big of a threat towards humanity. But we haven’t counted the number of deaths in general, only people that committed suicide and both death rates are growing each year.  People get sicker and even with high developed medicine they die in their earlier age, there are more car crashes each year, and people got too unsatisfied with their lives that they decide to die on their own.

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We recently talked about poverty, bullying, and mental illness is the biggest causes of suicide in America. According to the research done back then, each day the US suffers the loss of around 121 people. If you want to refresh your memory, see 10 biggest causes of suicide in America: poverty, bullying, mental illness.

According to the latest research, only 28 countries have a national suicide prevention strategy. 10 biggest countries where suicide is illegal are (surprisingly) Syria, North Korea, Yemen, Ghana, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Each one of them has a strict law against attempting suicide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide and, depending on the country, the one that tries and fails in committing suicide will be facing either jail or a fine penalty. In case they succeed in their intention, the laws say that their families will suffer their death and be punished. Only the time will show whether this is the efficient way of shutting down lives.

But no matter the punishment that their families would suffer after the one is dead, do they think about the emotional consequences they would leave for their families and friends? It might be easier for people to just give up, but there are people that the one is leaving behind, the ones that will be missing them until their last day and, the worst of all, the ones that would blame themselves because they didn’t see it coming.

So why do these people kill themselves? Is it because they don’t feel safe? Is it because of the insurance? Is it because their lives are too miserable? I leave you with the top 10 most suicidal countries in the world, try to figure out what they have in common and how can we stop this madness.

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