10 Best Airlines To Fly International Economy

If you hadn’t already arranged your vacation, here are 10 best airlines to fly international economy to take into consideration.

I always emphasize and I will always emphasize as long as I live that traveling via airplane is the safest way of travel ever. And this comes from a person who is dying when she is two feet away from the ground.  Even though booking the airplane ticket can cost you a bit more than you expected, you will have all the privileges to take the rest and sleep and have the best service during the flight. Moreover, you will arrive at your destination faster than expected.

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Because of the money, most of the travelers are choosing the economy class for their trip because of the lower prices than the first class. Even though the service in the first class is a way better, you don’t have to spend the entire fortune on it, just to get some extra pillow. Stewardess and pilots are treating everyone equally, no matter which class they have chosen.

But even though airplane tickets were considered to be more expensive than traveling by bus or a car, during the last couple of years, the price of the airplane tickets has decreased and became more affordable to every US citizen. Even if you think that $880, which is the most expensive flight from the US to Russia because of the far away destination, per a ticket is too much, think about all the fuel and breaks where you will have to buy yourself a cup of coffee, something to eat, and a bottle of water and do the math.  Besides, if you are the driver, consider having one day less on your vacation because the moment you arrive at your hotel, you will fall into bed and the rest of the travelers could forget about you until the next day.

Speaking of the prices, according to the Insider Monkey, the international flights from the US to some other destination can cost you between $420, if you are traveling to Mexico or Central America, and, as I already mentioned $880 for the US-Russia international flight. If you are more of the Europe person, you will be happy to know that airplane tickets became cheaper by 16% and now the flight will cost you about $741.

For further and more specific information, visit Insider Monkey for the full 10 best airlines to fly international economy article by clicking on the link. Choose one of these and you won’t be wrong, I promise. Have a nice flight!

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