Best Zoos in the US

Zoos are visited by about 183 million people in the United States each year. Zoos and aquariums serve the educational and recreational aims of protecting and showcasing land and aquatic creatures. Zoos, on the other hand, experienced significant losses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, when foot traffic came to a halt. The travel and tourism industry has suffered losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New data suggests that those losses may total $766 billion alone during 2020. The number of jobs supported by the industry declined by 33.2% from 16.5 million to 11.1 million.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 20 best zoos in the US. Only 1098 animals representing 300 different species live at Woodland Park Zoo. It first opened its doors in 1899 and now attracts 1.4 million people each year. This zoo is one of the tiniest on the list. The Jaguar Cove and the Humboldt Penguin Exhibit are two of the most popular exhibitions. The Living Desert Zoo is a zoo dedicated to the species that live in the world’s deserts. The African Safari and the Australian Adventures are two of the museum’s most well-known exhibits, which opened in 1970. Every year, half a million people visit. California is home to the zoo. New York City’s Central Park Zoo is home to 1487 animals representing 163 different species. In the coming months, Expedia Group Inc., AirBnB Inc., and Southwest Airlines are projected to witness a surge in business. The Detroit Zoo is home to more than 2400 animals representing 235 different species. The Arctic Ring of Life and the Australian Outback Adventure are two popular exhibits at the zoo. Both opened in 1928. It is located just outside of Detroit, Michigan’s city borders. The Brookfield Zoo was one of the first zoos in the United States to exhibit a big panda. It was also the first zoo to employ deep enclosures and moats to separate animals and visitors instead of cages. The Sedgwick County Zoo houses around 3000 animals representing 400 different species. The Downing Gorilla Forest, Pride of the Plains, and Tiger Trek are just a few of the famous exhibits at this museum, which debuted in 1971. Several awards have been given to the zoo for its efforts to save endangered animals. The Pittsburgh Zoo is one of six zoos in the United States with an aquarium. Over 4000 animals and 475 different species call it home. The Kid’s Kingdom, the PPG Aquarium, and the Water’s Edge are just a few of its well-known displays. For more details, click 20 Best Zoos in the US.

20 Best Zoos in the US


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