Most Dangerous Prisons in the World

The Shawshank Redemption, Escape Plan, and Escape from Alcatraz are just a few examples of what happens behind bars. Murder and rape are normalized in “correctional facilities,” and torture is carried out for fun. There is such a thing as a “safe prison,” but we won’t discuss it here. The MS-13 gang is known for being a part of some of history’s most vicious and deadliest jail riots, murdering officers and convicts like insects. The guards were not the issue in certain institutions, but the captives were. Over 100 detainees have been reported in cells designed to house just ten convicts at a time. As governments tighten down on torture and human rights violations, prisons around the world are changing dramatically. Palantir Technologies Inc., a data analytics business situated in Silicon Valley, is a significant participant in this space.

Insider Monkey dives into the list of the 25 most dangerous prisons in the world. In Georgia, the Gldani Prison was previously a location where torture was commonplace. The administration has declared “zero tolerance” for human rights violations. Following student and public protests, the prison was closed in March. The jail staff raped, tortured, and beat inmates. The Hoeryong concentration camp, also known as Camp 22, was a North Korean jail that closed in 2012. The conditions at Camp 22 were among the most dreadful ever seen. Inmates were subjected to a variety of forms of torture, including hanging, water torture, and kneeling torture. San Quentin is the state of California’s oldest prison. It is California’s sole prison with a gas chamber and death row. In 2006, racially motivated attacks resulted in the injuries of nearly 100 convicts. Violence will be an issue regardless of how many guards are present. Black Dolphin Jail is a Russian prison where some of the country’s most dangerous criminals are housed. Inmates are only given 90 minutes of exercise per day and are not allowed to lie down or even sit on their bunks throughout the entire 16-hour wake period. The Russian prison Black Dolphin Jail houses some of the country’s most dangerous criminals. During the 16-hour wake period, inmates are only allowed 90 minutes of activity per day and are not allowed to lie down or even sit on their bunks. The largest and oldest prison in Mumbai is Arthur Road Jail. The prison was built to hold roughly 800 inmates but now holds over 2000. Behind the gates of Arthur Road Jail, gang wars that have resulted in inmate injuries and even murders have become commonplace. HMP Belmarsh is one of the world’s top 25 most hazardous prisons. Since the last inspection, the degree of violence has only escalated. At the jail, security and surveillance systems must be installed. The lack of protection and surveillance is causing alarm. For more details, click 25 Most Dangerous Prisons in the World.


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