6 Free Gay TV Shows on Amazon Prime

Put the popcorns in a microwave, sit on a couch, and enjoy 6 free gay TV shows on Amazon Prime.

Being gay was the taboo topic for many years. During the democratic movement, the LGBT community has risen, and more and more people attracted to the same gender or even both genders started coming out of the closed. While some of them were that lucky to live in some of the gay-friendly countries, but there were also the less fortunate ones that were born in some of the least gay-friendly countries in the world. Not just that gay people are tortured in these countries by civilians, but they are also considered the offenders in the eyes of a law and have some great penalties such as fines and even jail cards waiting for them.

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But nobody can forbid movie makers to make great shows with gay people as characters. Although it was still shocking at that time, some movie makers decided to include this controversial topic and, as a result, the first movie showing the gay couple, called ‘Hot I Baltimore’ was released in 1974. Although all the scenes were platonic, it attracted the wide audience and critics because, before that, not one movie was released with even mentioning or having some line or scene that would associate to the same-sex relationship.

As always, homophobes hatted it, while there were people that supported the movie director because of raising the awareness of the gay community. Almost 20 years later, the first same-sex kiss was shown on the big screen and, after that, all movie makers followed this step, at least for a trial. The biggest boom of this time was the TV show Will and Grace that debuted in 1998, that was aired for 8 years and won even 16 Emmy Awards.

These shows are not only meant for entertainment, but for raising awareness as well. They show us the struggles the members of the LGBT community face all the time and to prove that they can have a normal life, just like anybody else.
And which gay movies could you watch now on Amazon Prime for free? Insider Monkey picked 6 (not because the others are not good, but because there isn’t that big choice) and ranked them according to their Amazon and IMDb ratings. I will now pick the two that I found the most interesting, but this doesn’t mean that the rest of them are not worth seeing.

The first movie that I found great was the Cheetah in August, the story about a black man called August Chandler that heals people through sex. The main motives of the movie are religion, sexuality, psychology, and acceptance. The Amazon rated it 4.6, while its IMDb rate is 7.1.

The second one is the 6-seasoned, drama and comedy show, called The L Word. It follows the life of a group of lesbians that live in West Hollywood, their love struggles as well as their relationships with family and friends. Although the Amazon rated it a bit lower than the Cheetah in August, the IMDb rated it 7.6.

To see the rest of the list, click on 6 free gay TV shows on Amazon Prime.

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