5 Biggest Money Transfer Companies in the World

Today we are going to learn the 5 biggest money transfer companies in the world, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are more connected than ever. Traveling to the other part of the world is only the question of days, making video calls make possible to us to get connected with anyone throughout the whole world, so no wonder we need money transferred as fast as possible.

Now,  at the dawn of a totally new world, when a ‘simple’ virus showed us how fragile the world of the humanity is, we depend on the  technological advancements more than ever. Half of the world has been working from home since the pandemic broke out, and these people needed to be paid out. Not only banks and bank accounts can offer us with this services, but other companies as well. Today Insider Monkey listed them in an excellent article.

So now without a further ado, let’s  see two of the biggest money transfer companies in the world.  MoneyGram stands on the fourth spot on the list. In 2019, it had a total revenue of $1,200 million and  2,200 employees. It’s among the largest global cross-border peer to peer payments and money transfer company. It operates in more than 200 countries and territories, of which 70 countries are digitally enabled, MoneyGram claims to enable families to send money quickly and affordably. Western Union is the second-largest money transfer company across the globe. In 2019, it had a total revenue of $5,292.1 million, the total profits were  $1,058.3 million the same  year, while in 218 the total assets were $8,758.5 million. Western Union had 11,500 employees as of 2019. Western Union is among the most widely-known money movement and payment services companies in the world. The company is a  multi-currency, real time money transfer service provider. It offers its services  to transfer money throughout the whole-world for businesses, communities and families. It is a wire transfer service where transfers of money between bank accounts are often less expensive than sending money for cash pickup. Western Union is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. If you are interested in more information about the biggest money transfer companies in the world, please click to reach the entire original article.

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