Hottest Countries In The World

Due to the slanted axis rotation around the sun, the temperature distribution over the earth allows for four seasons. Summer can be particularly unpleasant in some areas due to dangerously high temperatures. Between 2000 and 2019, 4.8 million people died as a result of summer heat-related problems. On June 22, Kuwait’s Nuwaiseeb had the hottest temperature on the globe in 2021, at 53.2 degrees Celsius. According to research from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center, the earth has become warmer than it was in the twentieth century. Since 1880, the global temperature has risen by an average of 0.13°F per decade. This has resulted in the melting of the polar ice caps and the intensification of hurricanes. The demand for renewable energy has risen as a result of global warming caused by the fossil fuel economy.

Insider Monkey shares the list of the 25 hottest countries in the world. Brunei is a country in Southeast Asia bordering the South China Sea. Brunei’s climate is tropical in the lowlands and subtropical at higher elevations. In Brunei, electric automobiles from Tesla, Ford, General Motors, and other manufacturers are gaining popularity. It is well-known for its lush rainforests, which are home to a diverse range of wildlife. Somalia is a country in Africa. It has a very arid climate with a very low rainfall rate. During the rainy season, however, hot and humid temperatures prevail. Sri Lanka is a South Asian country with a tropical climate that makes it hot and humid throughout the year. The monsoon season in the country is particularly harsh, especially during the summer months, when most of the country is extremely hot and dry. Togo is a country in West Africa that borders the Gulf of Guinea. The country of Togo has a tropical climate. It continues hot for 7 months until the harmattan winds blow southwards from November to March, bringing somewhat cold temperatures. The country features some of the world’s highest temperatures. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a Caribbean country. It has a tropical climate with more rain than the rest of the country. The climate is hot and humid all year, with particularly high humidity in the winter. Gambia’s climate is classified as subtropical, with lengthy hot and humid summers and short, moderate winters. Gambia is yet another West African country to make the list of the world’s 25 warmest countries. Kiribati is an Oceanian country with an average annual rainfall of 2100mm. Kiribati is located on the equator, therefore the sun is at its zenith all year, making it extremely hot and humid. For more countries on this list, click 25 Hottest Countries in the World.


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