15 Least Gay-Friendly Countries in the World

The trend of democracy and accepting the gay people as normal people who are just attracted to their own gender is spreading all over the world in the last decade, but there are 15 least gay-friendly countries in the world that are still eager to vanish them off them from the face of the Earth.

The future of gay people is always uncertain. Not just because of the politics running now. It has been like that since the beginning of the human kind. There were times where just the assumption that you are gay could bring you to the immediate death, while there were times where the sexuality was completely opened and a man could lay with anyone he wanted, no matter the gender or age.

Pixabay/Public Domain

During the World War II, when Hitler was in charge, besides Jewish people, he decided to clean the whole world from the gay people as well. Although his ways of punishments weren’t accepted after his ruling days were over, despise towards gay people continued. The government and the PD wouldn’t harm any of these people, but they couldn’t save them from the anger of the rest of the humanity as well. Members of the LGBT community were raped, beaten, and sometimes even to death.

For a long time, having affections towards the same gender person was a shame, which is why many people stayed in the closet. They got married like the society told them to, they had children, like the society told them to, and had to learn their children that, their own affections aren’t the only thing that matter and that some things should be burned down to the ground, so that they could be accepted as the members of the society.

But it all changed during this last couple of years. Gay people are allowed to walk on the streets much safer nowadays. At least in some parts. There are countries in the world that even allow them to get married and adopt a child. They live happy and normal life like they are supposed to because who are we to judge? Society brings out its own fair and fills our heads with their own beliefs. But we should not be sheep. We should start thinking with our own hands. We all have, or at least we would have children. What would happen if they get out of the closet one day? So how could you judge someone else’s child?

Being gay is not a crime. Killing is (in most cases). Theft is. Burglary is. But being different shouldn’t be. None of us is the same. So, what? All of us should be punished? Or even worse, forget who we are?

But not all of the countries share my opinion. Some of them are even sentencing gay people to prison, or even death. Without any further ado, I present to you those 15 least gay-friendly countries in the world!

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