10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks To Buy and Hold

If you want to make a good investment, keep reading about the best Canadian Dividend stocks to buy and hold. Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving us some very useful tips. It’s worth investing into the Canadian market, there are more than 3,000 companies that are listed on Canadian stock Exchange.

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Canada also ranks fifth overall in terms of listed companies by country, trailing only India, the U.S, Japan, and Spain.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three stocks from their list.

The first one is Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AEM). It is owned by 23 Hedge Funds. First up is Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd (USA) (NYSE:AEM), which 23 hedge funds in our system owned on March 31. Agnico turned in another strong performance in the second-quarter, beating top- and bottom-line estimates. The company, which operates gold mines in Canada, Finland, and Mexico, also raised its FY 2017 gold production guidance by 3% to 1.62 million ounces. Agnico hiked its dividend by 35% earlier this year, giving it a forward yield of 0.85%. The second stock is Enbridge Inc (USA) (NYSE:ENB), Owned by 23 Hedge Funds. Energy generation and distribution company Enbridge Inc (USA) (NYSE:ENB) was also owned by 23 hedge funds on March 31. The stock sports the highest dividend yield among those featured in this article, with it having been raised by over 50% over the past five years while its stock has actually dipped slightly. Despite shares being stuck in neutral, several analysts still don’t see much upside at their current valuation. Nonetheless, the stock’s forward yield should certainly make it attractive to income investors.

At last, but least we are mentioning Goldcorp Inc. (USA) (NYSE:GG), owned by 24 Hedge Funds. Another Canadian gold mining company, Goldcorp Inc. (USA) (NYSE:GG) is also popular among the hedge funds that we track, with 24 of them long the stock. After surging in February thanks to rising gold prices, Goldcorp has slumped heavily to trade down by 2.39% year-to-date. Goldcorp has sold off a number of assets recently, including its interests in the Cerro Casale and Cerro Blanco projects, as it looks to divest non-core assets and streamline its operations.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 best Canadian Dividend stocks to buy and hold

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