10 Best Countries to Backpack Alone

If you enjoy solo adventures, where there is just you versus some unknown part of the world, these are 10 best countries to backpack alone.

Traveling with family/friends can be a lot of fun. But there is something even better in backpacking alone, getting to know other places and going wherever you want without any need to compromise and getting to know yourself better and clear your head.


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But not every field is suitable for solo travelers. There are some areas that you shouldn’t even cross in the crowd, and not to talk about going out there by yourself, without any protection. On the other hand, there are countries that are very welcome for all the tourists, no matter whether they came alone or in a company, but they will make sure even if you don’t have anyone else around you that you won’t miss anything during your trip.

These countries that Insider Monkey researched are not just rich with pleasant people, but they can also brag with their beautiful nature and landscapes. So, in case Sweden was on your list of the countries to visit, you will be glad to know that this country is great for backpackers. First of all, Sweden is a country with both high safety and happiness ranking so, as a backpacker, you can be sure that you will be welcomed there and won’t need to worry about criminals. Besides all the landmarks and rich history, you can also explore the acres of wide lakes and forests.

Believe it or not, Costa Rica is ranked even higher than Sweden. I said ‘Believe it or not’ because I always saw Costa Rica in the past as Sicilia or some similar place. But, as it turned out, its safety ranking is even 33. So when you take safety and happiness ranking and include the daily travel cost (that is only $72) into the equation, it really makes sense that Costa Rica is one of the best countries to backpack alone.

My favorite suggestion of all the best countries to backpack alone is Switzerland. First of all, it is put among the top five on this list because of the high happiness ranking (2) and safety ranking (7). Although I am personally not that keen on spending $166 on a daily basis for traveling costs, I have always wished to visit this place because all the reviews I read about it from the other people. Who knows, maybe someday my wish will come true. We’ll see.

Except for these three, what are other places where you can just go on your own and have the best time of your life? Click on 10 best countries to backpack alone and find out!

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