10 Best Countries to Get an Au Pair From

Which are the Best Countries to get an Au Pair from? If you are family wanting to host, then you can look into our list of best 10 countries where you can get an au pair. You may check our list of the highest paying countries for an au pair. We did a research from websites, like Au Pair Mom, Au Pair Clearing House and Go Au Pair Philadelphia. The best countries for an Au Pair invariably depends on your personal choice and preferences. If you want your children to specialize in a particular language skill, then you ought to look for that country which suits your requirements. But if your priority is religion and you want your household to keep Kosher, then Israel will be the place most suited for. Hence we are listing 10 countries which are best suited for Au Pair.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Spain happens to be the destination for American families for Spanish Au Pair. Most of the schools in America requires the student to learn Spanish as this is the second largest language spoken. Spanish au pairs generally happen to have a friendly and cheerful personality, and they are bold enough to try new things. Brazil, Germany, and Japan are among the Best Countries to get an Au Pair from. Brazil is the largest South American country with an economic power in the region. The au pair in Brazil are motivated and have a cultural exchange year to boost up their prospect and land a better job when they happen to return home. The Brazilians are interested in honing up their English speaking skills and they, therefore, take advantage of it when they host.

Germany has for long been a member of the cultural exchange team. We find many Germans au pair have visited the United States while many are still going to America. The Germans are very well aware of the au pair concept and therefore it is easier to find an au pair as a US host family. If you just spend a year with a German au pair you can greatly improve the German language skills of the host family and at the same time improve their English skills. Japanese people are by nature courteous and they happen to be the close allies of the United States hence the Japanese au pair are highly regarded by the American host families. If you want your children to know about the Japanese culture and traditions and to know more about the east then it is the best option to have a Japanese au pair.

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