10 Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs in America

What are the Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs in America? If you are a student planning to study internal medicine, you are lucky! We have prepared a list of the Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs in America just for you. We used Doximity as our source. It is a website of a network of about half a million physicians and doctors. They have a great tool named Residency Navigator which assists the students in finding out the best residency program in the specialization they want to pursue. More than 52,000 doctors nominate the best residency program for the specific department via a survey. The list is ranked according to reputation.

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Duke University Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, and Washington University are a few of the Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs in America. Duke University Hospital is.located in Erwin Rd, Durham. You can ring them at +1 919-684-8111. According to the physicians, this hospital has a great residency program for internal medicine. They have a high-end infrastructure, not to mention qualified faculty. This program was started in 1930 and has steadily gone to make a name for itself around the world for amazing research and high-quality health care. It has emerged as a great center for healthcare services from a small hospital. The residency program here will be everything you have hoped of and more. Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore. You can give them a ring at +1 410-516-8000. This University has long been considered the best for a variety of programs. It seems they have once again taken the position at the top for internal medicine residency program. It was established in 1876, making it one of the oldest healthcare institutions in the country. Washington University is located in Brookings Dr, St. Louis. You can reach them at +1 314-935-5000. If anything, this University was founded even before Johns Hopkins University in 1853. They provide good quality training to the interns. The University has had more than 19 Nobel laureate over the past century! The department of medicine takes credit for more than 30% of the research done here.

Go through the complete list to know more about the Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs in America. You can use the contact number to get in touch with them. Carefully choose the one which you feel would suit you the best. All the best!

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