10 Best Medical Schools for Surgery in the World

If you’d like to specialize in surgery or just you are interested in it – then you are at the best place as we have come up with Insider Monkey’s latest list of  best medical schools for surgery in the world. 

So you decided to be a doctor, and worked extremely hard to achieve your goal. Now you are about to choose your specialization, and perhaps you need some information which are the best medical schools in the world. Don’t go forward, as we prestent this list for you! Medicine has a lot of fields which are equally needed and highly respected. Of course several of them are better paid, while others are paid a little less, but all of them are important. You can find couple of list about the highest paid medical specialist published by Insider Monkey, but we are mentioning some of them, such as urologists, cardiologists, ortopedic surgeons and gastroenterologists, or plastic surgeons.

 When it comes to surgery in general, the average income is about $252,912 annually – concerning all levels of experience and different surgery branches. Here are some data about their detailed salaries: a novice surgeon can earn between $102,043 and $355,198; and experienced one has an income of between $128,802 and $399,60; and those are late-career ones earn between  $148,348 and $405,852.

As you will see Oxford is on the top in the world, while speaking about the US Harvard is the best university concerning medical specialties. It goes without saying that the acceptance rates are very low at these schools, so it’s extremely dificult to get in.

Now without a further ado, let’s see the list of the best medical schools for surgery in the world. And these are:


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10. University of Melbourne, Melbourne Medical School

The University of Melbourne offers top education in the field of medicine. Concerning surgery, they offer education both on the degree level, but short surgical courses as well, in vast fields of surgery.

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9. Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians and surgeons

Columbia is famous for its excellent education, it offers all the specialties, at all level.


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8. David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

You can find all departments, all levels od education with specialties her, such as vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surger,  cardiac surgery.


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7. Roxal College os Surgeons in Ireland 

Its postgrauation education is extremely famous and excellent at the Department of Surgical Affairs, you can find several specialties such as plastic surgery, urology,vascular surgery, otolaryngology, cardiothoracic surgery,  general surgery.

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6. Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine 

Johns Hopkins University has always been among the best ones in the world concerning  medical schools. It offers wide range of specialtes, all levels of degrees, such as transplant surgery, head and neck surgery,hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, gynecologic surgery. acute care surgery and neurosurgery.

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5. Stanford Medicine, Stanford Univeristy 

We are half way on our list of best medical schools for surgery in the world. There are all levels of degrees at Department of Surgery at Stanford Medicine.

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4. Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London 

You can find wide range of programs here, at the Department of Surgery and Cancer at the Imperial College.

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3. University of Cambridge, School os Clinical Medicine

University of Cambridge mainly focuses on the Department of Surgery, such as orthopedic surgery, surgical oncology, stem cell medicine, and transplantation. Also you can choose among large number of specialties here.


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2. Harvard Medical School

Is anybody surprised that Harvard Medical School is among the top five medical schools, and it got the second place here? I don’t think so.  This is the best school in the US regarding medical education. It offers all levesl of education and medical specilaties, such as Social Change, and Program in Global Surgery.


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1. University of Oxford, Medical School 

Now we are here, on the top of the lost of the best medical schools for surgery in the world and the first place is given to Oxford University. I think hardly anyone is surprised that Oxford University is so highly ranked in the world. You can choose among every level of education, even short courses too.


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