10 Best Places to Retire in Baja Mexico

Which are the Best Places to Retire in Baja Mexico? If people want to retire and they love and enjoy being near a beach, these are a few of the great places for them in Baja Mexico. Mexico is a tropical country. The perfect place here is Baja peninsula which moves along the South of California and West of Central Mexico. We have graded various places into classes and divisions, such as small or big towns, crime rates, weather conditions, health care, availability shopping and cost of living. Most retired people are known to enjoy a peaceful and serene life.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The towns with less hustle and bustle got 2 points more than those with small city life. Looking at healthcare, those with a hospital and ambulance got 2 points, while small towns that had only small clinics got only one point. A town with no health care got zero. Healthcare is a very important aspect at the time of retiring. More points have been given to the towns with cooler weather conditions. Places with a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or low got 2 points and places with temperature ranging between 80 and 90 degrees F received one point. Those towns with above 90 degrees got zero. Towns which were graded with having lower crime rates got 2 points while the towns with a bit higher crimes got a point one. Some people may like to have large shopping options near their homes and not have to commute to the nearest shopping area. This was also a valuable point, so those towns which have good shopping places got 2 points. Towns which had only grocery shops and tourist shops got only one point. Meanwhile, those places where you have to grow everything got a zero.

Most facts for this article was taken from Mexico On My Mind and Expat Exchange. Los Barriles, Mulegé, and Tecate are among the best places to retire in Baja Mexico. Los Barriles is quite a small town with good healthcare and weather, and great shopping facilities. Mulegé is a small town having a good healthcare system, pleasant weather, and a reasonable cost of living but unfortunately, with no shopping place. It is known as an oasis town closer to a river and the sea. Tecate in Baja Mexico is a quiet town with good healthcare, good shopping places, and nice weather. This city is nearer to the US.

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