10 Best Prank Call Youtube Channels

Which are the Best Prank Call YouTube Channels? If you are interested in the prank they play at the schools. If you still like old school pranks, then check out our list of best prank call YouTube channels. These prank calls can make you laugh and doing this research, I had come across lots of prank call videos and channels, I was amused and more of my time was spent on watching the prank calls than on work. In the older times pranks were played on radio shows, food deliveries, customer supports and emergency services. At that time, these new phones were not discovered and the old phones did not show the number of the caller, so it was easier to get away.

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Sometimes people with high profiles also get these type of prank calls and not only the ordinary people. Pierre Brassard, the radio host from Canada, called Queen Elizabeth II, and he made her believe that she was talking to the Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, This call was made in 1995, before the Quebec independence. Such things might not be possible now- a- days, you may get into legal hassles. You can enjoy the 20 funny things to say while prank calling.

WE decided to do the heavy job personally, without any help, to find out the best You Tube channels, prank calls. No doubt, the job was enjoyable, we tried to ask people, but mainly we browsed over the You Tube to recognize those channels that have prank calls as their main subject. After going through these channels and laughing along, we graded them by the number of subscriptions they hold. Some of them not be operative now, as they might not be giving continuous updates.

Some of the Best Prank Call YouTube Channels are MrOwnagePranks, ICEnJAM, and Phone Losers of America. MrOwnagePranks have 830k subscribers. This channel, MrOwnagePranks, and the second one on our list are produced by the same man. He is a voice actor and gives shows and uses his talent to make fun. This channel includes prank calls as well as inside information about these are in the original channel. The number of subscribers for ICEnJAM is 310k. This channel makes the video game walkthroughs and prank calls intermingling the video games characters. This was produced in the year 2009.The next is Phone Losers of America. It has 27K subscribers. It was started in 2008 and contains over 500 videos of prank calls.

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