10 Best States with Most Health Care Administration Jobs

Today’s report of 10 best states with most health care administration jobs includes the complete detailed information about the job description of health care administration position, the average salary in the US, and states that have the biggest number of opened job positions for health care administrators.
Administration health care sector is split into 4 different occupations: health administrators, medical secretaries, medical transcriptionists, and health information technicians. Each of these positions requires different education level and degree, different tasks, and therefore, different annual wages, but they all have one thing in common: their job is to join forces in order to secure the whole medical sector working properly so the patients can receive the best medical care. Giving that said, it is important to say that their job is exclusively the paperwork and nothing more. They aren’t allowed to treat patients in any matter.

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The majority of health care administrators are working in public hospital’s surroundings, but there are also the ones who found their place in some private practice, outpatient, physician’s office, or health care service. As a matter affect, they are best-compensated working fields in the whole industry. There are also a lot of job openings in the pharmaceutical industry for health care administrative workers that offer a double salary. It is estimated that by the year of 2024 there would be 14,050 new job openings in an administrative health care section in the US.

On the other hand, we have medical secretary sector, which is the highest in demand job position in the US. Most of them are hired in physician’s offices with the average annual wage of $35,060. By the end of 2024, there should be a job growth of at least 20.5%.

Another medical care administration’s job position is a medical transcription, which is most suitable for recent graduates without any previous experience in this kind of job. The annual wage of $37,150 they didn’t find their place on the highest paying jobs for college graduates, but at least their job is not that hard as the surgeons. Their only task is to convert medical records into written reports and that’s all.

And last, but not least important is a health information technician, with already 200,000 employees and rising, which should, by the end of 2024 have at least 15.4% more specialists. But, for the annual wage of $41,460 they are required to have a bit wider education.

So after consulting with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Missouri Economy to pick up their brains for some database, we compiled the list of 10 best states with most health care administration jobs based on each of these departments and including the open job positions. If you would like to have your hands on this information, click on 10 best states with most health care administration jobs.

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