10 Best Surgical Residency Programs in US

What are the Best Surgical Residency Programs in the US? Read on through our list of the Best Surgical Residency Programs in the US to know more. You can make an informed decision. If you’re planning to become a surgeon, the first step towards achieving your goal would be to get admission in a good surgical residency program. Apart from performing the actual surgeries, they usually help the patient to feel more comfortable and calm. Some of the factors that you should consider if you are planning to go ahead and enroll yourself are reputable career guidance, good working hours, and high surgical volume. We made use of Doximity, which is a popular website and has a vast network of doctors. This website is devoted to the medical community. You’ll be able to find authentic information about the medical programs. Thus, it’s a great place for prospective students to start with. The residency programs here are ranked on the basis of their reputation. The methodology used is also considered.

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Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan, and Washington University are some of the Best Surgical Residency Programs in the US. Johns Hopkins University has a program side of 53 and it is known to have the best surgical residency program. Pamela A Lipsett has been the director of the surgical residency program since 2005. You will have schedule flexibility, culture and career guidance, and good working hours. We also want you to know it is unbelievably hard to get into this program. The University of Michigan has a program size of 44. They provide the residents with the best education, care, training and research facilities. Since they work with the aim of creating excellent surgeons, they have a relatively low intake with only 44 seats. Washington University takes about 51 students for its surgical residency program. The research opportunities here are incomparable and they have excellent clinical training. Paul E Wise is the current director of the surgical program after he took over in 2014. The working hours are good which means you’ll be able to have a life outside which many residents lack due to horrific working hours. Another great thing about this program is that the surgical volume is quite high which will give you endless opportunities to learn more. Take a look at the other Surgical Residency Programs in the list and choose one which suits you the best. Good luck!

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