10 Best Sushi Making Classes in NYC

Which are the Best Sushi Making Classes in NYC? If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine or culture, and you look forward to learning their way of cooking, this place is just for you. This list contains the Best Sushi Making Classes in NYC. Sushi, like other culinary delicacies, is not something that can learn via YouTube videos or a cookbook. You will be able to bring the taste and the essence of it into the ones you make only when you learn to make it from a professional or a native. Otherwise, chances are that you would be just making your own version of sushi. New York is a city where all cultures thrive. The most popular and the most common way to learn about any culture is to learn about their cuisine. If you love to eat and want to learn to make sushi, or you want to learn more about their culture, attending a cooking session on learning how to make sushi is one of the best things you could do.

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Sushi is Japanese cuisine, as many of you might already know. To make traditional sushi, you need to follow special instructions. Sushi comes in various types and is basically made of fish and rice. The most expensive type is also the most common one named Nigiri sushi which is made with vinegared rice being topped with raw fish or other seafood. Maki sushi is made by rolling up fish and veggies in vinegared rice and stuffed with seaweeds. One major reason to learn sushi is that one sushi roll costs around $6-$12 and you would have to eat a dozen of them till you feel full. It is better to learn to make sushi than to spend $150 or so every time you feel like eating sushi. We have selected these classes from many sources and used Vimbly for sorting them. Vimbly helps you browse for all types of classes and then helps you reserve your seat at a lower rate.

Couples Who Lunch: Sushi and Sake Bar, Sushi Making Gourmet, and Sushi Basics – Camaje Cooking are among the Best Sushi Making Classes in NYC. Couples Who Lunch: Sushi and Sake Bar has a package for $135 per person but you will need to have a partner, so that would really cost you $270 or you cannot attend. Sushi Making Gourmet charges $200 while Sushi Basics – Camaje Cooking has a fee of $125.

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