10 Best Websites Like Coursera, Udacity and Other MOOCs

Let’s talk about 10 Best Websites Like Coursera, Udacity and Other MOOCs. If you can overlook the lack of clout of a MOOC, then you’d be a prime learner. Gaining new skills for a lower price and shorter time than by going to University, look here: 10 best websites like Coursera, Udacity and other MOOCs.

Globalization, the development of the Internet and telecommunications have affected the economy all over the world. Online presence today has become one of the crucial factors of success in the market, regardless of the size of the company or the activity it deals with. By investing in a website, you are no longer restricted to your city or country – Your company is easily and quickly available to everyone in the world. The website is a mirror of the company and can be accessed by anyone with the Internet, regardless of distance, hours or number of visitors. Stanford University has an online section, appropriately called Stanford Online. It says it has professional education opportunities through various schools and departments at the University. Open2Study offers 48 courses in Business, IT, Education, Marketing, Finance, and Arts. For every course, there is an online classroom where students can find all video and reading materials, assignments and quizzes needed to complete the course. Why is Coursera so popular a website? Anyone who has access to the Internet has the opportunity to obtain higher education, while learning is tailored to the pace as it suits him. Even in local institutions that do not have elite professors, students can manage and motivate resources provided by Coursera. The fundamental difference between MOOCs and a simple educational video is that MOOCs usually have some form of test learned. There are two ways of such a check. The first is that the video ends with quizzes or tests. The second is a written exam, and the evaluation is done by other peers. Given that sometimes thousands of students apply for an individual course, evaluation by instructors is not always practical. Peer assessment helps to alleviate this problem. However, such a type of check has its drawbacks, including relevance and quality. Web forums are provided for courses, and some students can arrange a face-to-face conversation through meetup.com or online meetups. However, Coursera Honor Code prohibits copying the response, so the discussion should not be replicated, but it should provide a healthy debate.

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