10 Biggest Companies That Hire Felons

Which are the Biggest Companies That Hire Felons? Many big companies give second opportunities to felons by hiring those who have done wrong deeds so that they can amend their mistakes and try to lead an honest and respectful life in the future. The US has two major crimes; one is misdemeanors and other is the felony. Misdemeanors carry a 12-month imprisonment while felonies carry more than 12 months jail time. In this competitive world, getting a job has become very difficult even for an honest man. Forget about convicts getting employment! A Report of Obama Whitehouse says around 70 million U.S. citizens are having criminal records. Hence the government launched a ‘Fair chance business pledge’ to remove this stigma and to offer jobs to persons having a criminal record.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Many reputed companies like Facebook, Google, Pepsi co Inc., and Xerox Corp. were signatories to this pledge. A person having a criminal record finds it difficult to get a job since people hesitate to trust and give a second chance to them to correct themselves. But it is good if a second chance is given to them to atone for their past sins and enable them to lead a decent life. The companies mentioned here have come forward to help them and so also the prison have training programs to improve their skill by giving them odd jobs so that after release they can get a job outside. British Airways and American Airlines Group Inc. do hire convicts and felons. Uber and IT companies like Apple Inc. also give a second chance to the person having a criminal record.

Many of the big companies have removed from their application form the need to tell about their past record. Once released, they did not use to get a job easily but now quite a number of companies give a second chance to them. The biggest companies that hire felons and ex-convicts are General Electric Co., The Coca-Cola Co. and The Boeing Co. These names have been sourced from Obama White House and ‘Jobs for felons hub’, and ‘Help for felons’. General Electric Co. hires felons through their application forms and asks for their past criminal records. The Coco-Cola Co, however, do not screen their criminal background unless they are hired. Boeing Co. employs ex-convicts after they are released from prison. Many of the criminals undergo training to become a certified aerospace technicians and later get employed by their company.

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