10 Biggest Marijuana Companies in the World

Marijuana is the word that you hear you think of drugs, addicton and so on, but yet there are companies that serve people with marijuana – now let’s check out the list of the biggest marijuana companies in the world! Believe it or not, but marijuana companies are among the safest and best investments in the world, as it’s a multi-billion business with excellent forecasts.

The global marijuana market increased by 37% in 2018, and the global spending on marijuana reached $57 billion last year. Its 33% was on medical marijuana, and 67% on recreational marijuana.

Uruguay was the first to legalize marijuana in 2013, and Canada followed it in 2018. In US, the recreational weed states are California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska,  Washington, D.C., New York and New Jersey and Vermont. The US should easily become the largest marijuana market in the world unless Europe decides to legalize marijuana. As $1,3 trillion are spent for healthcare, Europe would hardly have any competition. Italy and Germany took the lead , while the UK produces the largest amount of medical cannabis in the world. As for the sales, Australia’s cannabis market is reported to reach $1.2 billion by the year of 2027.

Now, without a furthet ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey have investigated for us in their latest article about the biggest marijuana companies in the world.

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10. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Symbol: ACB

Market cap: $7,074,805,168

Growth rate: 305%

Price: $6.98


Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is the first company on our list. It’s naturally among the largest marijuana companies in the world, as its growth rate is 305%. It operates in 25 countries, on five continents.

9. Canopy Growth Corporation

Symbol: WEED

Market cap: $12,130,091,885

Growth rate: 313%

Price: $35.8


Industry: Healthcare/Consumer Products

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

This company has the largest market cap on our list  – over $12 billion! It operates on five continents and has a partnership with a cannabis celebrity venturer, Snoop Dogg.

8. Acreage Holdings Inc.

Symbol: ACRG

Market cap: $807,030,282

Growth rate: 487%

Price: $13.64


Industry: Healthcare/ Cannabis 

Headquarters: New York, USA

The $3.4 billion merger between Canopy Growth and Acreage Holdings took place last year, approved greatly by the majority of shareholders.

7. The Green Organic Dutchman

Symbol: TGOD

Market cap: $666,363,491

Growth rate: 517%

Price: $2.42


Industry: Consumer Products/Healthcare

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

They produce wide range of products, such as flowers, organic oils and edibles. Its growth is over 500%. This was one of the best marijuana companies to invest in last year.

6. OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

Symbol: OGI

Market cap: $958,085,298

Growth rate: 621%

Price: $6.14


Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Moncton, Canada

IT’s among the biggest marijuana companies in the world.  A partnership with a German company and the development of vaporizers are just some of their growth strategy plans.

5. HEXO Corp.

Symbol: HEXO

Market cap: $1,293,217,236

Growth rate: 950%

Price: $5.03


Industry: Consumer products

Headquarters: Gatineau, Canada

We are half way on our list of the biggest marijuana companies in the world. 

HEXO has the YOY rate of almost 1000%(!). It sells traditional marijuana products, including flowers. The company joined New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) last year and it began to expand on the European market as well.

4. GW Pharmaceuticals

Symbol: GWPH

Market cap: $5,152,464,491

Growth rate: 1191%

Price: $167.73


Industry: Pharmacy

Headquarters: Cambridge, UK

It was founded in 1998, and it’s amon the most well-known marijuana companies and it owes its fame to Sativex (the first cannabinoid-based medicine in the world)  and Epidiolex (the only CBD medicine which has been approved by the FDA).

3. Cara Therapeutics Inc.

Symbol: CARA

Market cap: $1,008,498,244

Growth rate: 1379.12%

Price: $25.37


Industry: Pharmacy

Headquarters: Connecticut, USA

This American company mainly produces medicines that relieve inflammation, pain and pruritus.  The British company may have the FDA recognition, but at the moment Cara is celebrating its another successful trial and is getting closer to the FDA stamp of approval.

2. iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.

Symbol: IAN

Market cap: $438,708,010

Growth rate: 4176%

Price: $2.81


Industry: Manufacture/Consumer products

Headquarters: New York, USA

At the moment, what iAnthus really needs in order to significantly increase its capital is another well-planned acquisition, similar to MPX deal. The revenue for Q1 was around $10 millionwhich appears modest compared to the competition. Still, it is an increase of 4176% from the last year, and the company has all chances of doing it one more time.

1. Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Symbol: ARNA

Market cap: $3,068,882,786

Growth rate: 45,544.30%

Price: $61.91


Industry: Biopharmacy

Headquarters: California, US

This California focused company is a biopharmaceutical one and it serves American and Swiss patients with medicine. It tends to expand into the Asian market via Everest Medicines. This was our list of the 10 biggest marijuana companies in the world, we hope, you found it arresting!

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