10 Biggest Social Media Mistakes By Companies In 2017

The job of the SEO and market experts isn’t easy at all and the mistakes can be crucial for the further business management of the company. Insider Monkey wanted to discover 10 biggest social media mistakes by companies in 2017 and how everything ended up. The results are not very pleasant and because of the majority of them, you will be embarrassed even though you had nothing to do with it in the first place.


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We can’t avoid. We are stuck in the world of technology and social media. Everyone has their noses in their smartphones, scrolling Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeter homepage and both big companies and startups found the way to use their social media accounts in order to make money. First of all, it is cheaper. As you all know, anyone can make a page or an account on these social media networks and advertise themselves for free. Sure, they can also pay some fee so that their accounts and pages get advertised. This can but doesn’t have to be done, especially at the beginning.

Does this advertising really help or is it just wasting money and time? Well, according to the study done by DigitasLBI Connected Comission, in 2014 around 36% of all customer purchases were influenced by Facebook, while the next year that percentage jumped and the close study showed that even 52% of sales were done by Facebook influence.

Advertising on social media is a real boom and one of the greatest steps that every company in the world can make. With each new social media getting the real popularity, the more possibilities come out as well. For example, in March 2017 only Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users. Now, imagine how many more inactive users there are. After that, add accounts on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, even YouTube. Sure, many people have accounts on each of these platforms but this only doubles and triples chances for them to see those ads and purchase some products.

However, even though social media campaigns are very helpful, especially at the very beginning, there can be some mistakes made that can completely change the whole course of the company. This is a bad thing for both small companies at the beginning of their existence and big companies that became a real brand for decades. How so? Take a look at these 10 biggest social media mistakes by companies in 2017  and see for yourselves.

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