10 Biggest Software Companies

Presently, different varieties of software are available which we can use for making our lives comfortable and easier. Companies operating in the software industry are categorized into these segments including software-as-a-service, open-source, device services, and programming services. Few of the basic software includes Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Avira. Additionally, Different kinds of software applications are also available. Businesses are also at advantage due to particular programs for payroll, billing, accounts, databases, and even for HRM. Without any doubt, free software available online are also helpful for small level businesses who do not have enough money to spend at the beginning for purchasing software. 

Today, the value of the software industry is $533 billion. The compound growth per annum of the industry is 7.7% that will result in increasing the market value to around $773 billion by 2025. In worldwide comparison, the majority of the revenues will be from the USA. With digital technology advancement, developers can easily incorporate AI and software to fight against the outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. During such crisis times when this is necessary to maintain social distancing, good software for performing routine business activities is necessary. Fortunately, the majority of the software firms are fully prepared for such remote work. Here, we will discuss 10 biggest software companies in accordance with the list shared by Insider Monkey.

Microsoft is on the top of the list shared by Insider Monkey for the biggest software companies. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates in 1975. Microsoft is leading the industry as a developer of software systems and applications for PCs. This giant firm is engaged in designing products, supporting software products, and selling licenses. The laptop which you are using with Windows is also a product by Microsoft. Because of the current situation of work from home due to pandemic spread, the demand for Office 365 and Microsoft’s Azure cloud has increased too much. There are 163,000 employees of the company and the total revenues are more than $143,015 million. 

On the 2nd position in this list, Oracle Corporation is placed. This is the biggest provider of business applications and database software in the world. The key business activities of the company include production as well as the distribution of different computer software products which are used for application development, data processing, data integration, software development, along with the production of different products that are used by manufacturing, human resource, and financial industry. There are 136,000 employees in the company and the total revenues are $39,506 million. These are top 2 companies in the list, for reading more, you can move to 15 Biggest Software Companies In The World.

10 biggest software companies

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