10 Bottled Water Brands Without Fluoride

If you are concerned about the amount of fluoride you are inserting every day in your organism, check out 10 bottled water brands without fluoride that are just bottling pure natural water.

Fluoride is a metal found in nature, in crust and water. There are many debates covering the topics of benefits and disadvantages of inserting fluoride in human’s organism, and, for now, people can’t really be sure what and to whom to believe.


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According to the US Center for Disease Control, fluoridation of the water is ’’one of ten great public health achievements of 20th century’’. It is said that, if given in the right amount, it is the great prevention of tooth decay, especially with children, and the cavities. This is why it is actively added as a very important substance in toothpaste.

On the other hand, World Health Organization claims that fluoride is a natural toxin that harms people’s brain. There are many researches about fluoride decreasing IQ, contributing to the development of Alzheimer’s, impairing pineal gland function, increases risk of lead ingestion, and many more complications. This is why, just for precaution, people started avoiding water from the sink, which gave the advantage to bottled water.

Although some people still believe that bottled water is a luxury, think again. With all the pollution in rivers and lakes all around the world, how clean and healthy the water is? Yes, manufacturers are making more money, but you and your families are given a better life quality. Yes, our ancestors might have long lives even though they only drank water from sinks or from wells, but compare the conditions, in general, they lived in with the ones we live now. Do you see the difference?

Excluding the water from your life is impossible. Many studies show that a man can survive more than a week without food, but no one can take more than a day without fluids. This is why we started this topic. You have to take certain amounts of fluids each day, but at least pay attention to the amount of fluoride that you are inserting.

It is said that higher amounts of fluoride make children more vulnerable and affect their cognitive development. Other studies, although done only on the animals, suggest that being exposed to higher amounts of fluoride for a long time can contribute to osteosarcoma, which is a rare type of bone cancer.

Just for precaution and more informative material regarding this topic, visit Insider Monkey to read about 10 bottled water brands without fluoride.

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