10 Cheapest States to Buy a Pack of Cigarettes

As a smoker, I know how addictive and unprofitable smoking is, which is why I googled for the 10 cheapest states to buy a pack of cigarettes, just for curiosity and, to be honest, I was really shocked.

Smoking isn’t just a bad habit that destroys your lungs and causes cancer. It is also an addictive expensive habit. I know that for sure and I realized how much I lost my mind after I started counting down my money and the days until the next salary based on the pack of smokes per a day. Crazy is a soft word for it. It is completely insane!


Pixabay/Public Domain

The average person smokes at least one pack of cigarettes per a day. If you set it to a minimum, it means that the average person smokes, and therefore buys, 30 packs of cigarettes per a month. Since the price of one pack of smokes depends on the country you live in, it stills remains that each country sets the price based on its cost of living indexes and the average salary, and, of course, the taxes that each country/company has to pay.

When doing a research on this topic, Insider Monkey took a look at the website made just for this matter, Cigarette Prices, obviously. As an example, they took European prices for one pack of cigarettes and took Marlboro as an example. According to its data, Marlboro smokers would spend the most money on one pack of smokes if living or travel to Norway. There, they would pay for this 20 – piece pleasure around $14. Luckily for travelers, if you go to Belarus, you will have 13 more packs to buy for this amount of money since one pack of Marlboro is around $1.

If we would move more to East, to Asia, you will spend a bit better time than in Europe. Even though the minimum cost of a pack of smokes is between $2  and $3, the most expensive pack of Marlboro is still I Singapore, where you will spend up to $10 for the same pack.

As on every continent, prices in America range from place to place and, in this case, the US case, from state to state. Still, smoking can be very expensive in some states, but we are not here to explore that. We are now here to explore 10 cheapest states to buy a pack of cigarettes.

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