10 Cities with the Most Skyscrapers in the World

Architecture is arresting itself, but the list of the 10 cities with the most skyscrapers in the world will take you to a really jawdropping tour across the globe! Insider Monkey has made very thorough research work, as usual. If you have ever thought about these monumental architectural and engineering wonders, you may be interested this compilation. If not – you will be amazed by these gorgeous buildings.

Did you know that the first modern skyscraper was constructed as early as 1885? No? Well, it’s true! This first modern high-rise building was erected in Chicago, it’s name was Chicago Insurance Building. As the modern definition of skyscrapers say, it should be at least 150 meters tall and should have 40 floors. Some pf the cities, that are present on the list, may surprise you, while others not, but what is sure, reading through this compilation will be a great pastime for you. It’s especially true in these coronavirus-stricken days, when we really need something bright and entertaining. Sometimes I feel I can’t read more articles and can’t listen to more news in connection with the pandemic. That’s why it’s a good occasion to check out articles about other topics.

As we can get to know from Insider Monkey’s article, there is also a Skyscraper Day September 3rd, when we can admire these giants, and can take part in tours with tourist guides. This year has been a terrible one in every aspect, but hopefully the next one will bring us health and we can continue our life where we stopped. In this case it will be a great plan to visit some skyscrapers on the Skyscraper Day.

But what are the top then cities with the most skyscrapers in the world? Well, we don’t want to uncover all the data from the compilation, so we are listing just a few of them. Chicago was the first city to have the first modern skyscraper, so it absolutely can be expected to be present on this list, too. And yes, there’s no disappointment, it got the eighth spot with its 126 completed high-rise buildings. Then unsurprisingly, Tokyo shows up in the compilation on the sixth spot with 157 skyscrapers above 150 m. And what cities tops the list? You will get to know the answer if you check out the 20 cities with the most skyscrapers in the world published by Insder Monkey!

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