10 Companies That Disney Owns

What are that Companies That Disney Owns? Disney’s companies are well known worldwide and they have accomplished a favorable outcome. Walt Disney Co. owns about 10 companies which are dedicated to the entertainment industry. These companies are worth about $178.76 billion as of April 7, 2016. The theme park which everyone enjoys even if they are on the other side of the world is one of them. The latest superhero/ animated movies or the one about an ice princess are all so popular that you would like to purchase them for your loved ones.

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Four of the companies owned by Disney on the list is working for the progress of the movies and films. Disney has partial or complete ownership and the direct financial venture of 143 companies in the world. The penny stock POW ENTERTAINMENT company is the only one which is public. Some of the companies are merged with the other media companies, some companies have been taken over, and some have been developed particularly to operate a specific business. No doubt Disney has made these companies the most profitable and a favorite of the masses all over the world. These companies have been categorized into 4 divisions. The company’s most profitable units are the media networks, the TV channels, the sports section and the children’s section. Read on to know more.

The Disney parks are world-wide known and very popular tourist attraction spots. They also generate a huge profit. Disney has produced hundreds of classic cinemas and is still continuing to do so. It also sells commodities, online games, and videos. Marvel, Walt Disney Studios, and ESPN are among the Companies That Disney Owns. The Marvel Entertainment is one of the most popular acquisition and now produces many blockbuster TV shows and films. Walt Disney Studios is the original business acquisition, and the popular Disney cartoon characters have been given life. Now, the original Disney has been divided into 4 units. The media company has 8 sports networks under its wing in the US. The “worldwide leader in sports” is 20% owned by Hearst corps and 80% by Disney. Disney also owns 19 TV networks outside the US. Take a look at the entire article to know more information and about the other Companies That Disney Owns.

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