10 Companies That Disney Owns

If you though that Disney is all about the cartoons and Disneyland, try again and inform a bit better about 10 companies that Disney owns.

Every child knows, as soon as the screen shows ‘Walt Disney Production’, they will have the time of their life watching the show. But is that all that they have to offer? Being a multi-billion dollar corporation requires more than just being concentrated on one field and investing everything in it. The Walt Disney Entertainment knows that, which is why it has spread its ownership on more than 143 different businesses entitles with full or at least partial ownership. This way of running the business made them worth $178.76 billion in 2016 and still rising. And what is exactly their secret? Providing everything for everyone. So, whether you want to watch some Sci-Fi movie, go to amusement park, get rid of your child by letting them watch some cartoon, or pick some specific television network, be sure that all the money you are giving is partially going to Walt Disney Entertainment’s bank account.

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The whole ownership and Walt Disney’s business can be categorized into four different groups: Media Networks, as the most profitable one since it holds multiple TV channels, including one of the main US broadcast TV Networks, Studio Entertainment, which was the initial Walt Disney’s segment, with numerous films in storage. Then there are Parks and Resorts, which raises the company’s revenue the most, especially the Disneyland Entertainment Park. Besides the Disneyland, Walt Disney Entertainment holds many other theme parks and tourists attractions all around the world. And the last, but not least important, the Consumer Products and Interactive Media, that include different merchandising, online games, and videos. And is it really what it takes to be worth almost two hundred billions? Well, that, and acquisitions as well as, of course, good management skills.

So, which 10 companies Disney owns? You liked the Star Wars, right? Well, I mean, who doesn’t.  These movies are filmed by the Lucasfilm production company that was founded by George Lucas in 1971 and is headquartered in San Francisco, and, since the year of 2012, three studios that were owned by the Lucasfilm are in ownership of the Walt Disney that managed to buy the part of their franchise that year.

Also, Walt Disney doesn’t only offer you Sci-Fi and kid’s channels, but programs for adults as well. Do you enjoy having Hulu marathons with your family or friends? Well, Disney is one of the four owners of Hulu with 30% stakes. The other ones with the same percentages are Comcast Corporation and, as you might already assumed, Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. And the last, but not least important, although it owns only 10%, which means the least important vote, is Time Warner Inc.

These are only two of 10 companies that Disney owns that we feel are the most important. Take a look at our list and let us know if you have any other suggestion.

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