10 Companies That Offer Health Insurance For Part Time Employees

Which are the companies that offer health insurance for part-time employees? The ten companies which offer part-time employees with health insurance gives substantial benefits to its employees, whether they are working full time or part-time. As people are not able to get a job of their liking and due to technological changes, many manual operated jobs have become automated. This has resulted in people finding it difficult to get regular jobs. This has led the people to go in for part-time jobs. Some take to part-time jobs as they are unable to give full-time attention to jobs as they have many problems, like family commitment, illness, and the like.

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Part-time jobs give flexibility of time and hence, job seekers prefer to use the flexible hours to work it to their advantage. Part-time jobs always do not get the benefits that are given to the full-time worker. It is really very difficult to get a high salary and benefits for part-time job workers. The ten companies with best salary and benefit are listed in this article. The present-day scenario is bent towards getting part-time workers to do the job and also the company tries to use the talents and expertise of the part-time workers. The benefits that can be doled out to part-timers may be by offering health insurance for life, accidents, etc. Deloitte Company asks its employees to work four days in a week. Amazon .com Inc. has decided to offer the benefits to part-time employees also at par with the full-timers. The company has decided to appoint 30,000 part-timers to work for 20 hours or more.

Home Depot Inc., Nike Inc., and Costco Wholesale Corporation are a few of the companies that offer health insurance for part-time employees. The companies that give health insurance benefits to its part-time workers have been sourced from Fortune, ABC News etc. Their ranking is based on their market capital. Part-timers working in Home Depot Inc. get the benefit of insurance in dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance etc. Their market value is $179 billion. Nike Inc. has a market presence of $90 billion and they provide benefits to their part-time workers like health, life and accident insurance and disability, dental vision etc. Costco Wholesale Corporation also gives to its part-timer’s many benefits ranging from healthcare, medical, vision, hearing aid etc. They can work for 600 hours or 180 days. They have a market value of $75 billion.

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