10 Companies That Offer The Best Paid Paternity Leave Benefits

Big companies understand that sometimes fathers have to stay with newborns instead of the mother and these 10 companies that offer the best paid paternity leave benefits do their best in order to help their male employees after they get the greatest joy in their life.

Being a father means much more than just making money and taking care of the newborn in a financial matter. While people always talk about mothers that have to put up with everything and have all the chores around a baby and that they are tired while fathers can at least run to work, the truth is sometimes different. There are many cases where fathers have or want to stay with newborns instead of the mother and that is completely legal and needs to be accepted.


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First of all, many fathers want to spend as much time in their child’s early days as they can. The problem is that, even though many companies decide to give them one day off to celebrate, they make fathers come back to work immediately. This means that, even if they want to change seats with their wives or girlfriends, it isn’t possible because they will get home too tired to do anything else but take a quick look at their little angel and get to bed.


Other cases are mostly black scenarios. It usually refers to a mother suffering some complications during or after the birth and having to stay in the hospital for a treatment or, even worse, dying at the birth. This would mean that everything is up to fathers. As employers, people need to be emphatic. These are the worst case scenarios but still present every day. So, what now? What is this new dad going to do? The situation is hard enough for him. How does anyone think that he is going to combine home and office job? In this case, other family members or sometimes even unfamiliar people have to be involved to help. If not, father risks to either get fired or not paid at the end of the month.

However, if we forget this black morbid scenario, fathers should be able to take paternity leave as well, especially when a mother can’t take maternity leave and, believe it or not, it isn’t that rare case. Or they just want to take it. And they deserve the proper salary.  And these are 10 companies that offer the best paid paternity leave benefits.

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