10 Companies That Offer The Best Paid Paternity Leave Benefits

Which are the Companies that offer the best-paid paternity leave benefits? This list of companies is for those fathers to be, who want to spend time with their new born sons or daughters and searching for companies who have paternity leave benefits. American companies by large are not inclined to give this benefits to would be fathers, and the country also has no law that gives minimum days off for specific events like parental, medical, or vacation. Many other countries are giving paid paternity leave to fathers to look after their family and babies to be born. Those companies which do offer maternity leave to mothers are restricted to few days or weeks since mothers have to breast feed the babies and tackle labor problems associated with pregnancy. But they ignore the foster parents, homosexual’s couples, and single dads and just caters to new birth mothers. The small companies are at a disadvantage to grant maternity leave. Even in big chain American companies offer small packages of paternity benefits.

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The employees struggle to get higher wages, leave alone paternity leave benefits. Most of the American companies offer small paternity benefits. Comcast Corporation gives four weeks paid paternity leave and if required another eight weeks without pay. In Wal-Mart Stores Inc. they get two weeks’ pay leave. The demand for paternity leave has intensified and brings into focus the need to have paternity leave policies. This has made the top companies to offer paternity leave with pay. There are websites like Fairygodboss and Glassdoor keeps an eye on paternity policies of those companies who are liberal with granting these benefits. Each website has reviews and details of employees being provided the paternity benefits.

The list includes Netlix Inc., Etsy Inc., and Facebook Inc. as the Companies that offer the best-paid paternity leave benefits. This is based on reviews and comments taken from these websites which have been verified. NetlixInc. gives leave for a year to look after their son/daughters, with an option to join full time or part time later. Ttsy Inc. offers new fathers 26 weeks of paid leave without any conditions. Facebook Inc., a social media company, offers 17 weeks paid leaves for new fathers. Its CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself took two months paternity leave after the birth of his daughter which showed his concern for the would be fathers.

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