10 Companies With The Best Benefits Packages

Which are the Companies with the Best Benefits Packages? Over the years there have been drastic changes in the benefits packages offered to the employees. The top 10 companies that offer more than basic benefits have been listed. There is a race to keep the talented employees by giving them more benefits so that they do not leave the company. The idea behind it is to keep the employees happy, who in turn give more productivity. This has taken the form of vanilla compensation for total wellness, work-life balance, onsite facilities etc. IBM gives its new mother employees the benefit of shipping by providing breast milk when they are out on business trips.

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Ernst & Young provides egg freezing services for its women employee’s son that they can bear child later. Employees also like to work for employers who have concern for them. The company which takes care of its employees performs better and do not leave the company. Free medical benefits, free parking, free food, attractive onsite facilities, and flexible work hours are some of the perks here. At Airbnb’s Ringsend, there is a happy hour every Thursday. We have spelled out the top companies with best benefits packages by using data provided from various sources, like Investopedia, Glassdoor, and cio.com. For example, Amazon.comInc., Starbucks Corporation, Accenture Plc have been ranked on basis of their market capitalization.

Amazon.com, Starbucks Corporation, and Accenture Plc. Are among the Companies with the Best Benefits Packages. Amazon.com Inc. whose market value is $436 billion provides a wide range of benefits to its employees from health and finance to stock option and paid time off. It contributes to employees plan and provides’ Employees Assistance Program’. It also offers benefits for new parents by way of vacation and leaves share program. It has 30 hour work week for some of its employees that provide full-time benefits. Starbucks Corporation has a market value of $84 billion. This coffee company has a ‘your special blend’ program benefits like financial bonuses, 401(k) plans, health/medical/dental plans for its full and part-time employees. It also pays college fees for its employees and gives sabbaticals and other time off programs. The $75 billion Accenture Plc. offers a reward package to its employees as benefits for their contribution to the company. It provides good work/life by way of maternity, parental and adoption leave policies and retirement plans. It also has various health and insurance schemes. They provide for gender reassignment for its LGBT employees which is first of its kind.

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