10 Companies With The Best Maternity Leave Policies

Which are the Companies with the Best Maternity Leave Policies? Some American companies are being mocked for the Maternity leave policies, but these 10 companies are not to be ridiculed because they have the best Maternity policy. This situation in the US companies is due to the lack of laws for the parental leave. The woman, who is giving the birth and feeding the new born are prejudiced, in their place of work, about their appraisal and wages etc. The small shops as well as the big multinational companies’ are of the opinion that the parental leave is disadvantageous and a hindrance to them. Amazon.com Inc. which is the world’s top most companies, is under scrutiny, about the maternity leave policy.

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Nowadays Maternity leave policies have improved a lot. These humanitarian actions cause the company’s profit to improve. A 16- week maternity leave policy can earn $19 billion per year by the multinational companies compared to the no leave policy, this is shown by a study of the Vodafone Group Pic (ADR) (NASDAQ: VOD) and KPMG in 2015. These companies had to spend around $ 47 billion to recruit new workers in lieu of the old employees who have left, instead they can spend $ 28 billion on the would be mothers. Even Vodafone was not on this list but the good thing is that they have conducted a research pertaining to the advantages of providing maternity leave policy.

Web sites like ‘Fairy God Boss’ monitor the interests of the employees in many companies while promoting such companies, generous in their maternity leave policies. A study by the ‘Fairy god boss’ shows the admirable policy of the companies. Small companies like Automatic, Mitie, World pay, organizer Inc. and AO.com have their maternity leave policy for 6 months. This list talks about those companies who have a large number of employees and grades them on the maternal leaves with the salary paid.

Netflix Inc., Adobe Systems, and Twitter are among the Companies with the Best Maternity Leave Policies. Netflix Inc. This company allows its employees to take even 1 full year leave if they need it after a child’s adoption or birth. Adobe Systems Incorporated also offers 26 weeks of paid leave and also allows 16 weeks of paternity leave. Twitter Inc. gives its employees 20 weeks of paternal leave.

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