10 Countries Most Reliant on Oil

The oil markets are fluctuating with every piece of news coming from the countries that produce most of what the world consumes nowadays, but have you ever thought about 10 countries most reliant on oil?

In the world, there are increasingly significant natural resources available to individual countries. Among the most valuable resources are still oil and natural gas, but gold, diamonds, uranium are also priced. Every day we read that there is less and less drinking water in the world. However, a little asked us how much more “drinking industrial waters” – oil remains. When someone asked the question, “How much more are there any oil on Earth?” we expect at least two types of answers. Or the precise data on the distribution of oil on the planet expressed in liters or barrels, or how many years the stock will last. The population is more interested in this second type of response, which varies depending on production and consumption. But to get to the second type of answer, we need to know which amount of oil is available. Let’s imagine for a moment the scene shortly. All national television stations inform citizens that the last drop of oil in the world has disappeared. Can we at all be sure that there’s at least one drop on the planet anyway? Actually, would we at that moment wonder if there was another oil mill? Such information would not be crucial for the survival of the human population. Oil is not just another raw material. It maintains the socioeconomic stability of a country. Even a small 15 percent reduction in oil could jeopardize the state economy. People are interested in large amounts of this resource, which meet the needs of a village, city or state. In human oil consciousness, as a necessary raw material, it disappears from Earth when it ceases to satisfy human needs, i.e. To serve the purpose. The duration of the stocks depends on consumption, more precisely than the needs of the population, and from production. However, consumption is progressing faster than discovering new sources. Oil demand is continually increasing in correlation with the industrial expansion that came after the Second World War. The price of oil has been broadly expanded in the world market from 2000 to the present. It is assumed that oil production will peak shortly, and by 2050 all stocks will be exhausted.

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